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This relationship is the very definition of "it's complicated." In short terms, they are separated, however they are not completely broken up. They are in an awkward place where they are just trying to coexist. They're currently working on getting a small bed into the apartment's office so they both have separate, comfortable places to sleep without resorting to the couch, and they're making an effort to keep to themselves, only the occasional conversation.

As far as Liz is concerned, it's over. Robert is a very nice man with a lot of compassion in his heart, and she doesn't begrudge him that. But she isn't the woman he loves, the woman he's been with for six years, and it's not fair to him or herself if she tries to play that part. And furthermore she has Linkara, and she is still convinced that there is a way back to him that she just hasn't found yet. She will gladly know Rob as her friend, maybe even grow to confide in and trust him, but a romantic relationship will never work between them.

Rob is doing his best to understand Liz's position and honor it. However it's proving extremely hard for him. He is opening his eyes to her more now that she called him out on his stance before; he was pretending that nothing was wrong because he wanted his old life back. Even if she's not the woman he knew before, a part of him still loves her and still sees her as his Sally. He's surprised and even proud of who she is now. It was with his insistence that if they can't be together romantically, she at least stay with him; after what Mechakara did he can't stand the thought of not being there to protect her again. His actions still reflect his love for her, but he has made an effort to accept her changes, calling her Liz and giving her space as she asked. He's still holding out hope that someday Sally will come back to him.

There are still signs of some sort of connection between them. During the bomb threat from KIM, Liz made certain that he got out of the apartment safely with her, and that he helped keep others safe as well. When Xion's house blew, Rob was the one to convince Liz in her half-panic that she had stretched herself too thin; she was tired and stressed and even if she could make it to the building, it was probably already too late. She'd already done great things that day, but sometimes things were just out of her control. She couldn't help Xion, and that was how it sadly had to be. He held her close and tried to comfort her as best he could as she clung to him. That was the closest they had been since she awakened from her coma.


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