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Name:Iron Liz
Birthdate:Feb 18
Roleplaying journal for [community profile] itsjustagamerp and [community profile] konran. I am not Iron Liz, nor am I affiliated with her or Everything done with this account is done for fun.

[IC Information]
Character Name: Iron Liz
Series: Atop the Fourth Wall
Gender: female
Age: 26
Species: human

Appearance: Iron Liz stands at 5'10" with long legs and a broad, busty figure. Her is dark blonde, naturally curly, and is grown out several inches past her shoulders. She has no bangs, having allowed them to grow out with the rest of her hair, and often uses a pair of sunglasses as a headband. Her blueish grey eyes are slightly sunken in, and she has a bony but soft face with a wide, long nose and thin lips with a sweet smile. She is always seen in an Iron Maiden tshirt or some other novelty black shirt, and blue jeans or occasionally a short plaid skirt. Typically she walks around in socks when she's at home, but goes out and about in knee-high leather boots. She has a tattoo on her right calf of a red rose with a crown behind it and its thorns wrapped around the blade of a sword; a clan symbol from the game World of Darkness.

Personality: : Iron Liz is a cheerful, fun-loving person who describes herself as a maiden of metal with a soft side. She is generally a quiet person, but in social situations she is friendly, a good listener and animated in conversation, with a propensity for bad puns and innuendo. She has a good sense of humor and is easily amused, but that's not to say she's incapable of being serious when she needs to be. Quite the contrary; she is supportive and caring when others are in need of it. She is no stranger to danger or struggle, and in such times she is fiercely loyal to those she loves, stopping at nothing to help and protect them. However with that loyalty, she also has a tendency to put a lot of pressure on herself; to her, knowing she could have done something and didn't or couldn't is one of the worst situations she can be put in.

Liz is an honest person, sometimes brutally so. Be they about her own troubles or the flaws in someone else's thinking, she will speak up if she has something to say; she isn't even afraid to tell her own boyfriend when he's being an idiot. This is combined well with her genre-savvy nature and her ability to pay attention to her surroundings and notice things that some people don't, and under pressure she is often the calm voice of reason or sometimes even the one to take command and figure things out. On the other side of the coin, she has a hot temper and will speak her mind if someone has pissed her off, possibly not in the nicest way. Sure, she prefers diplomacy if she can manage it, but that has the unfortunate habit of not working where she comes from and she has no qualms with getting verbally and physically defensive if the situation demands it.

Liz has a habit of keeping her hands busy; she talks with them quite freely, often fiddles with something when she's depressed or thinking, and loves to play games, especially tabletop RPGs and children's card games (motorcycles optional). Her entire life has been molded by her love of gaming, medieval weaponry and heavy metal. She is hopelessly addicted to Mountain Dew and has a guilty pleasure for Sailor Moon and My Little Pony. ...Yeah, she is entirely on the other side of the fourth wall here, this mun is willing and in fact expects to make a permissions post about this matter, though she won't break the fourth wall directly and tell everybody they're fictional.

Abilities: Liz possesses two magical scimitars; replicas of Twinkle and Icingdeath, the wizard Drizzt's swords from the Forgotten Realms series. At will, she can summon them from nothing. Nobody really knows how she does this; one second she's standing there, the next there the swords are. (Headcanonly, they come to her when she closes her hands as if around hilts expecting them to be there) Twinkle, her right-hand sword, is magically sharpened, and her left hand sword Icingdeath has a strong resistance to fire. On her own, she is agile and adept with her weapons, but with the help of a toy Power Rangers morpher that's been enchanted to work like the real thing, she dons a suit of armor that makes her stronger and faster, and grants her the ability to fire energy balls from her swords. The morpher's power, however, is new to her and takes a big physical toll on her; she can maintain it for a good period of time, but once she powers down she'll be exhausted for a while. That aside, Liz's strength lies in the head on her shoulders; she's intelligent and good at math, especially statistics, and extremely genre-savvy. She also has a steady hand with most firearms, even more obscure ones that one might find in a science fiction story, though she much prefers the swords.

Items: A toy Green Ranger morpher and her hammerspace swords

History: In order to understand most of what happens in the storyline of Atop the Fourth Wall, one must be aware of the web of parallel realities called Hypertime. It is a vast multiverse of endless possibilities and branching timelines, from universes so similar to our own that one would never know the difference, to so vastly different that it borders on ludicrous. Every possibility one can think of is a universe in Hypertime. A universe where Bush is still president? It exists. A universe where artificial intelligence created a race of machines that overthrew mankind? It exists. A universe where everybody has really bad hair and talks like Tommy Wiseu? You ah tearing me apaht, Hypertime!

Our story takes place in the universe cataloged as Earth 4W, in the home of a young Minnesotan man who calls himself Linkara; comic book critic by day, unwitting superhero by...later in the day. One fateful day, his arch nemesis Doctor Insano subjected Linkara to a comic called Warrior; a comic so bad, so insane, so hopelessly caught up in its own incomprehensible world, that it caused the fabric of Hypertime to fall apart at the seams, causing universes to cross over and meld uncontrollably. By the time Insano was defeated and the multiverse was stabilized again, there were still rifts that caused some things - namely people - from other universes to drop into Earth 4W and sometimes get stuck there.

And one of those things was a woman who called herself Iron Liz, a nickname forged from her love of the band Iron Maiden. Liz lived a perfectly normal life in her own universe's Wisconsin; she grew up in a two-parent household with a bully of an older brother, went to college, had a job, lived on her own, studied medieval weaponry and combat, and had a close circle of friends with whom she would play tabletop RPGs. She was contently unaware of the presence of other universes until Doctor Insano's parallel counterpart, Doctor Linksano, attempted to continue the mad scientist's experiments with Warrior, creating even bigger rifts in Hypertime, and Iron Liz was flung from her own universe right onto Linkara's signature green futon.

Not knowing where she came from or how to get her home, Linkara took Liz under his wing and helped her get settled in his universe. Pretty soon he grew to like her, especially since she seemed to take aspects of his life such as his robot buddy Pollo or the dancing ninja who came by once in a while in stride, and he found himself confiding some of his most well-guarded secrets to her, including the magic that he used to create weapons for himself that he used against those who came against him. Sure, she thought he was a little strange too, but in a nice way. Sometimes. He even taught her some of this magic, and she in exchange gave him a few pointers on swordplay, and quickly a strong partnership formed between them, and eventually even romance blossomed between them.

Inspired by Linkara's day job as an internet critic, Iron Liz started her own video show reviewing tabletop RPGs. She started off well, but after a few episodes she suddenly had to put her own work on hold; Pollo suddenly contacted her one night, telling her that Linkara had gone missing, apparently kidnapped by some sort of extradimensional force, and he had left her a time-delayed message asking that Liz take care of his show while Pollo tried to bring him back. She covered two episodes with the help of the aforementioned ninja, and Linkara's friend Harvey Finevoice, and finally Pollo found where Linkara was being held, and brought him back down to earth along with several robot foot soldiers that the team had to fight off.

As soon as he had recovered, Linkara decided he had had enough of evil beings finding him and trying to kill him, so he and Liz moved into an apartment together in the hopes of achieving some sort of normalcy. Unfortunately that hope was short lived; evil still managed to find its way into the critics' home, including Linkara's android nemesis they dubbed Mechakara, repaired and set upon the team by Linkara's kidnapper, Lord Vyce. Liz would have joined in that fight, but Mechakara was not alone; a woman bearing Liz's appearance and a sword that looked eerily identical to the cursed blade Frostmourne of Warcraft mythos appeared and challenged Iron Liz to a fight. Apparently her name was Judas Liz, and she made it clear that her goal was not just to keep Iron Liz from aiding Linkara against the android, but to kill her, saying there should only be one in this universe. Fortunately Linkara emerged from the fight victorious, and Judas Liz disappeared as soon as she realized she was outnumbered.

Liz spent the week after that fight out of town, giving her time to relax and recover, as well as train herself before the next inevitable attack. Unfortunately, she only came home to more bad news; while she was gone, Lord Vyce had made an appearance on Earth, and left Linkara bloodied, beaten, and shaken. Liz attempted to comfort him, but when it was clear her efforts weren't working she left him to his thoughts with a Care Bears comic book to cheer him up. That, apparently, worked, as he emerged an hour later with a plan to call Vyce out and fight him. They barely had a few weeks to implement it, Liz doing most of the dangerous work while Linkara continued his show, but soon everything was in order. Linkara gave Liz his old Power Rangers morpher that had been broken in the last fight with Mechakara and he'd just finished repairing, figuring she'd find more use for it while he had a new one of his own. With the duo's combined efforts the team defeated Lord Vyce, but lacking the power to just kill him, they banished him to a desolate planet in another dimension. Meanwhile, there was no sign of Judas Liz since their first encounter, a thought that didn't help Liz's nerves at all, wondering where she had gone and why she had been working for Vyce. And furthermore there was just something not right about her that she couldn't put her finger on. Linkara tried to assure her that it was nothing to worry about, but Liz continued to wonder even as she moved on to other matters.

Something else seemed to be brewing as well. Sometimes there was a sort of eerie ambiance in the apartment at night, as if something wasn't right that one couldn't see. On top of that, the Ninja Style Dancer and Harvey Finevoice had disappeared, along with reports on the news of other such unusual disappearances around central Minnesota. But aside from that, life continued in Linkara's home; he claimed the ship confiscated from Lord Vyce as his own, christening it Comicron One, and began work on an artificial intelligence, named Nimue, to pilot it and provide additional security. On the day they installed her, however, there was a strong ion storm that interfered with their instruments, and Liz was transported to a mirror universe in which Linkara was evil, complete with a goatee and tacky gold vest, and plotting to take over the world using Nimue's control over Comicron One. While he had to depart to do a review, Liz explained her situation to Pollo, who was about the same but in the body of a Tom Servo puppet. Mirror-Linkara caught them in the act of sending out a message for assistance, and after a short struggle, Doctor Insano, Champion of Science, arrived and stunned the mad critic. As he prepared to transport Liz home, she saw the good in this universe's Insano, and asserted that he could be the hero to prevent Linkara from destroying the world, a confidence that the doctor hadn't considered before. With that, she returned home to regale her Linkara with the adventure she had.
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