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Jun. 2nd, 2012 02:57 am
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Robert Robinson, age 30, Sally Ross's boyfriend

Robert met Sally a year before she graduated from law school when he bumped her car in the parking lot of a nearby cafe, knocking out her tail light. He was extremely apologetic, and as they swapped insurance information they ended up talking at length, and it ended with Robert not-so-subtly slipping her his phone number. It wasn't until half a year later that she called him; apparently she'd just found his number again while she was looking for her school notes, and they arranged a dinner date at which they got to know each other better and started to hit it off. Rob was a student at another school, also in his last year, so they started having study sessions together for the rest of the semester and by the time finals started they were officially dating. She started her job as a lawyer and he got settled as an accountant, and they have now been a couple for almost six years, moving into an apartment together at about the halfway point. From the moment they became an item, Rob has helped to balance Sally's life, keeping her from getting so caught up in her work that she forgets to eat or sleep or have fun. For as long as they've been together and how close and settled they are with each other, it's a common joke between them and among their friends that they're married, constantly referring to themselves as such. However, in recent months, Rob has considered the idea more seriously. He had planned to propose to her as a Christmas present, but then the Incident occurred, putting everything about his love life on hold, possibly permanently if things continue like they are now.

Rob is a flirty, fun-loving man who is completely content to settle down and raise a family. He loves to cook and is happy to be the one preparing meals whenever he has the excuse to. He desperately wants to help Sal go back to the way she was, or at least hope that he can grow to love the woman she seems to have become. But neither seem likely as "Liz" has openly expressed her doubts of Sally ever coming back, and is in fact in love with someone else. But despite that, he continues to be supportive and try to help her in every way he can while keeping his distance. It's an awkward situation, but what matters in the end is that she is safe and happy.


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