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Jun. 2nd, 2012 02:34 am
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Sally, the daughter of a widowed single father, Eric Ross, was considered a geek by most of her peers as a child; she was a tomboy and a bookworm and enjoyed studying outside in the shade. While she took her studies very seriously, she always made she she had plenty of time to read for enjoyment. A lot. She would read any novel placed into her hands, but in her preteens she especially enjoyed court dramas, which initially sparked her interest in becoming a lawyer. However in the mid 90s, from the end of middle school through high school, she fell into a vampire phase, grabbing every single novel and movie she could find on the creatures of the night, and even owning a small collection of crucifixes and funny-shaped sticks that could be used as stakes. Not that she believed they were real, she just found the lore and the trinkets associated with them fascinating. It was this love of vampire lore that inspired her high school sweetheart, to pay for her to get a tattoo of a rose as an 18th birthday present. The rose was a prominent feature on the cover of her favorite vampire story, but to us it looks suspiciously looks like the Daeva clan symbol from World of Darkness...

Relations with her dad were always extremely shaky. While he was proud of her for staying on top of her schoolwork and her goals in life, he always found it difficult to talk to her, especially regarding her mother, whom she was too young to remember. He did disapprove of her tomboyishness and the vampire stuff, and he would tell her so, but that never stopped her, and likely worsened matters in her mind. Mostly he was just extremely distant in her adolescence, uncertain how to approach her.

After graduating from high school, she and her boyfriend separated physically and romantically and her teenage phases slowly faded away, and she took her aspiration to become a lawyer more seriously. She studied criminal law quite enthusiastically all throughout college, rarely taking time for any recreational things except for her newfound interest in jogging; it allowed her mind to wander so she could memorize her notes more clearly. Then she met Robert, who encouraged her out of her hermit-like study habits once in a while for dates at the movies and the occasional theme park. She graduated with honors and became a lawyer, then, at the encouragement of her peers, working towards becoming a judge. During that time she made gradual attempts to get back in touch with her dad, found time to sit and read again, and began to settle quite happily with Rob. The two of them moved into their first apartment together shortly after she was elected a judge, which she has now been doing for three years at the ripe age of thirty-two.

Sally is a shy but playful woman with a good sense of humor. However, she is also very much in love with and serious about her work, and when she gets started on a project she tends to get wrapped up in it and forget about other things. She is allergic to seafood and loves classical music.
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