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Name: Nicko
Temperament: Scrapper
Personality: Aloof and independent, Nicko tends to wander off on his own and pretend his Person, or most People for that matter, don't even exist. His curiosity and refusal to take orders can get him into trouble and frequently Liz along with him. He'll cozy up to her occasionally when it suits him, or sometimes she can bribe him with cookies into accepting some petting, and if Liz is ever truly in trouble, he will protect her. He tends to be particularly grumpy around other Dream Eaters, if only because they tend to never just leave him alone.

Hebby Repp
Name: Kodachrome
Temperament: Salamander
Personality: 90s Kid's Hebby Repp, currently in Liz's care while he's away. A perfect match for her former Person, Kodachrome is hyperactive and excitable, always getting into anything and everything. While not particularly affectionate, she is friendly and does enjoy draping around someone's shoulders when she needs a recharge, mostly for the fun of just letting someone else carry her. When excited or emotional or sometimes just because, she tends to start fires.
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For the uninitiated, here is your warning right now; Iron Liz is from the other side of the fourth wall. She's an internet critic, one of the lesser known members of That Guy With the Glasses and a minor character on Atop the Fourth Wall. This means that she's essentially from something resembling the real world, and every fandom out there is fictional and she is likely at least casually aware of its existence. She's most familiar with Super Nintendo JRPGs and general Playstation crowd video games, Star Wars and Star Trek, and outside of that she gets a lot of knowledge of Power Rangers, Doctor Who and assorted comic books from her boyfriend Linkara.

Fear not though, for she has enough common sense to know better than to call someone fictional to their face. But just in case, let me know here whether you are okay with her recognizing a character (or at least their name) or whether you would prefer it never come up at all. Again, she won't say anything to their face, but with a genre-savvy character it never hurts to be too careful when it comes to others.

If your canon came out after September 2011, you need not apply; her canon point is before that time so she hasn't been around to see the new stuff coming out in the past two years.


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