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[OOC Information]
Name: Saria
Age: 23
AIM and/or Plurk / E-mail / LiveJournal: SageSaria9475/SageSaria9475@gmail.com/sagesaria
What characters do you play here already, if any? N/A
Where did you hear about Just A Game? I'd heard it plugged a lot while I was in Second City.
Have you seen MST3K before? As often as I can find it. The Brain That Wouldn't Die is my favorite episode :)

[IC Information]
Character Name: Iron Liz
Series: Atop the Fourth Wall/Iron Liz's Pen and Paper Corner
Gender: female
Age: 25

Species: Human

Appearance: Iron Liz stands at 5'10" with long legs and a broad, busty figure. Her hair can be described as either dark blonde or light brown, is naturally curly, and is grown out several inches past her shoulders. She has no bangs, having allowed them to grow out with the rest of her hair, and often uses a pair of sunglasses as a headband. Her brownish grey eyes are slightly sunken in, causing her to often hide dark circles around them with makeup, and she has a wide nose and thin lips with a sweet smile. She is always seen in blue jeans and an Iron Maiden tshirt, and typically walks around in socks when she's at home. She has a tattoo on her right calf of a red rose with a crown behind it and its thorns wrapped around a sword.

Personality: Compared to the company she keeps, Iron Liz is usually a pretty quiet person. She defines herself as "a maiden of metal with a soft side." She is a little awkward and self-conscious in social situations or in front of the camera, and she may be just a little vain, but once she opens up she is compassionate and entertaining, and stays very close with her true friends. She loves to tell stories, will sometimes do unusual things (such as buy Justin Bieber trading cards) just for shits and giggles, and has a smart sense of humor. Unfortunately, that sense of humor tends to come with a price to others' sanity; she is absolutely incorrigible when it comes to innuendo and especially to bad puns, and sometimes she can even be a little cheeky. She is easily amused and excitable, and often exclaims "Bambalam!" when she is successful in some tasks, as reference to the song Black Betty by Ram Jam. Liz avidly goes against the grain of the typical girly-girl or damsel in distress; she can and will stand up for herself and kick as much ass as may be needed, and with those not on her good side her temper is short. Her loyalty to those close to her tends to make her put a bit of pressure on herself, but she takes things as they come and while she sometimes gets overwhelmed, she pushes through as best she can. She enjoys working with her hands, and her show has clearly showcased her love of tabletop gaming and heavy metal music. She also likes children's trading card games and collecting medieval armor and weaponry (which she can use efficiently as well). And she's been told she does an awesome impression of Tommy Wiseu.

History: Liz lived a quiet life in Wisconsin with her parents and brother and sister. Not much too exciting really happened to her until one fateful summer when she was sitting in her room and suddenly there was a bad sound effect and she found herself in an alternate universe, in someone else's room, on a green futon. That futon just so happened to belong to a Minnesotan comic book reviewer, Linkara. Understandably awkward finding a strange woman on his couch, Linkara helped her get settled in this new dimension, and the two of them began to hit it off and ultimately became a couple. A very strange, nerdy, bantering couple.
Upon getting acquainted with her new surroundings, Liz started her own review series, Iron Liz's Pen and Paper Corner - the name Iron Liz a tribute to the band Iron Maiden - in which she discussed various tabletop RPGs. A few episodes in, however, that project was put on hold when she received a time-delayed video message from Linkara; he had disappeared from his home, kidnapped by someone calling himself Lord Vyce, and he entrusted his show to her while his robot buddy Pollo worked to get him back. She hosted the show for two weeks, when Vyce's ship was finally locked on and Linkara was beamed back down, along with several of Vyce's robotic minions, which Liz helped to fight off.
This kind of thing apparently happened quite often, as Linkara decided it was too dangerous for him to stay in his home anymore, and thus he and Liz moved into an apartment together, Liz ending up doing most of the unpacking. Life went back to normal for a while after that, but then it became clear that moving did nothing to keep evil from finding Linkara. It started with a wrathful being from Silent Hill, then Linkara's old enemy Mechakara returned, along with a doppelganger of Liz calling herself Judas Liz, and then Lord Vyce returned to finish what he started. Liz fought by Linkara's side the whole time, including attempting to coax him out of his crisis of faith when his first encounter with Vyce almost killed him, and she even inherited the power to morph like him thanks to his old Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers morpher.
After Vyce's defeat, things seemed to quiet down at last, except for some reason Linkara's friends seem to be disappearing, and there is a strange eerie feeling in the apartment at night. Not to mention Judas Liz has yet to be seen since Mechakara's destruction. But that has all been ignored for other matters at this time; Linkara constructed an artificial intelligence to pilot Vyce's old ship which he claimed for his own. However, in the attempt to transfer the AI to the ship itself in the middle of an ion storm, Liz was teleported to yet another dimension; a mirror universe in which Linkara was evil, goatee and all, and planned to use his ship to take over the world. She escaped the mirror Linkara's attack with help from the champion of science, Dr. Insano, who then proceeded to send her home. However, instead of reaching her destination, no doubt due to the ion storm, the dimensional leap sent her to the cockpit of the Satellite of Love.

Cambot post sample: [Liz is sitting in a swiveling office chair in front of a bookshelf. If this were her apartment the shelf would be packed full of gamebooks and novels, but alas, it is empty, save for a single paperback book just barely on the edge of the shelf at her level.]

You know, I'm no stranger to spaceships. Believe me, I'm not. But holy crap, this thing is HUGE. Would you think looking at this ship they'd be able to fit a pool in here? I mean, criminey. If you asked me, this is more impressive than Comicron One.

Don't tell Linkara I said that. [She says that in a faux whisper, but there's a little smile on her face like she knows he's going to hear it and they're going to have some banter about it later.]

Still, their media library is seriously lacking. [She reaches over to the book on the shelf and holds it up; it's an RPG book.] I mean, honestly, FATAL? Do they really think I'll get so bored up here that I'll try to start up a FATAL campaign? Not enough booze in the world, folks. [She tosses the book aside to the comical sound of something crashing off camera.]

Maybe that was the point, that they're trying to make me resort to the worst game made since Warhammer Fantasy's 3rd Edition, but I'm made of tougher stuff than that, especially if we've got a pool.

[She pauses a minute, grinning slowly.] I guess you could say that was their...fatal mistake!

[She laughs sarcastically at her joke, then trails off.] Yeah, get used to that from me, folks. I have a feeling we're gonna be here a while.

Third-person log sample: It must have been well past three in the morning by now, but Liz didn't stop to look at the clock as her fingers flew across the keyboard of her laptop, Adrian Smith's guitar blasting in the headphones as loud as the late hour would allow, blocking out any distractions. There was no way she could stop working on this script now; the absolute ridiculousness that made up the Dragonball Z RPG's combat system was just too much to not get off of her chest now while the book lay open next to her on the couch. Seriously, the extreme testosterone-ridden cranked-up-to-eleven fighting style of that show did not a good roleplaying game make.

Her progress slowed gradually as she reached the end of her third paragraph on the subject, readjusting herself on the couch as she thought about her next point. She just barely touched her fingertips to the keys again when she paused. Something felt amiss, like she was suddenly being stared at. She looked up over the top of her laptop, an uncertain eyebrow raised. Pollo was still powered down in his corner, and Tom Servo in the glass case didn't even have eyes to speak of, let alone a motherboard to actually function and look around. And she was fairly certain she would have seen Linkara coming from the hall if he had gotten up to get a drink or something.

The feeling didn't go away. Looking around the room she slowly reached for Linkara's old morpher sitting on the table, turning it around in her hands as she waited. Beyond the music she could faintly hear something. A distorted, whale-like crooning sound. Suddenly she felt eyes set on the back of her head. She whipped the headphones from her ears, nearly dropping the laptop as she turned sharply, finding nothing behind her. But now that she was actually listening, the light rattling of the heater and Linkara's impressive snoring from the other room were the only sounds. She didn't let go of the morpher, still looking around. The feeling of being watched was gone, but she wasn't yet convinced that it was just her imagination.

In fact, it reminded her all too much of Lord Vyce's warnings before they banished him. Linkara seemed convinced that this "Entity" Vyce was so afraid of didn't even exist. But Liz personally wasn't so sure of that. After seeing her own evil doppelganger try to kill her with what looked to be a legendary weapon from World of Warcraft, and helping Obscurus Lupa watch a movie about a creepy stalkerish teddy bear, it was conceivable that stranger things could happen. The idea of it existing, along with the knowledge that said doppelganger could easily still be around was enough to put her on edge if she thought about it too long. All the more reason to stay up at night and work on reviews.

Though now that she was forced out of her Zone, she was starting to realize how bleary her eyes were getting. There was no way she could concentrate on it now. She sighed, saving the document and closing her laptop, setting it aside on the coffee table. She still held the morpher in her hand as she slid off of the couch. The apartment was still silent, but there wasn't any harm in staying cautious. She could certainly hope she was just edgy from being tired, and that she could actually get to sleep.

Riff sample:"I see you have a fascination for pirates, espeally fair-haired captains."Laughter still obvious in his voice.

“I do not!" She stood up quickly and faced him, her face turning pink. "It was given to me before I got on the ship by my brother."

'He showed me dirty fanfiction and everything!'

She grabbed up the book and threw it at him.

[Liz makes a pathetic grunt sound.]

He raised his arm and knocked it away from him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her close. Wrapping his other arm around her waist.

[Suave voice] 'Why no, I can't take a hint.'

“You have a problem, if you think I could like a pirate!"

"Perhaps I could make you change your mind, my dear. I am sure I could change your mind about a lot of things. His eyes danced with devilment as he latched his gaze onto her lips.

Giving the closing quotation mark ample time to get away.

She struggled against him, but couldn't get loose.

"You devil! You are too ugly for me." Her voice going high, as she had trouble breathing.

'[Shrill, strangled voice] You're squeezing me too hard!'

"Am I now?" His voice soft. "That's not what the women tell me."

'Usually they just call me sleazy. ...wait.'

"Then they need glasses!"
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