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Origin: Liz Skotchil was your average college student, practicing criminal law by day and spending her weekends playing Dungeons and Dragons and other pen & paper RPGs with her friends. Then one day, she came across a new game store that opened in her neighborhood. It seemed to be a shop of antiques of the gaming world; games that were out of print for decades, old used figures and dice, the works. As Liz made a purchase however, the strange old shopkeeper offered her everything for free, as well as a small leather pouch. The pouch held a set of beautiful glass polyhedral dice. He spoke at length about them, how they were said to be used by ancient kings in games of chance, and how they always rolled true, or the kings fell using them. He said they held powerful magic and could only be trusted to someone truly special. Liz, of course, didn't believe it, and still insisted that she pay, but he still pushed the dice on her for free. But when she played with the dice for the first time, they suddenly came alight with power and nearly destroyed her gaming room. When she ran back to demand an explanation from the old man, the shop was no longer there.

Liz spent the next several weeks experimenting with the dice in an abandoned junkyard. She learned what all of them did, and trained herself to use them effectively. For what reasons, she didn't know quite yet, perhaps out of her own curiosity. But then when her boyfriend Lewis was kidnapped by a desperate criminal, she took her first step on the path of becoming a superhero; using only a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses to hide her identity, she infiltrated the locked down building to apprehend the villain and recover Lewis safely. She has since then invested in a costume and now fights crime under the name Saving Throw.

(the main difference in the picture is that she only has the one pouch on her right leg. The mask is also slightly larger and conceals more of her eyes and face.)

Functionality and comfort were highest priority when Liz designed the costume. The main body of the suit is Lycra fabric, with a breastplate and shoulderpads that go over the top. The breastplate and shoulderpads are padded leather, intended to protect vital organs as much as possible. She hopes to someday upgrade to Kevlar, but it's expensive. The overall design is meant to allow freedom of movement and to be light and comfortable in the heat. Of course that still leaves her to figure out what she'll do in the winter to keep warm...maybe that's why all the best heroes wear capes? The driving gloves and boots are nothing special, just some things she had lying around the apartment, and the sunglasses are just in case. The overall color scheme is meant to match and compliment the fire-like appearance of the dice, which she carries in a leather draw-string pouch buckled onto her right thigh. The pouch is lined inside with chainmail to protect the dice and keep them from falling out if the pouch tears.

The Power Dice:
The Power Dice are a set of seven polyhedral dice embued with magic. They are clear orange and red glass with a glowing center as if they had a core made of fire. Each die has a unique set of abilities, and when one is rolled the number given determines what ability they use. However, all of them have a shortcoming that means rolling a 1 on any of them is detrimental to themselves or their wielder; their effect either fails or is harmful, and then the die becomes inert; the flame in its core goes out and it will not come back for twelve hours.
The dice share a hivemind with themselves and have a telepathic link with their owner. If the dice are mistreated or don't trust the one holding them, they are more likely to roll poorly. Once rolled, or if they are dropped, Liz can summon them back to her, but she has to be concentrating on calling the dice; if she is distracted or unconscious, the dice are helpless where they are. The dice are also slave to the physical limitations of the real world; if they are locked in a box they will be unable to return to their wielder, though if the box isn't bolted down they could attempt to move it with them if it's light enough. They cannot be summoned back while they're inert; they are the same as any old dice in this state.

The d4 is used for ground-based attacks to impede pursuers or incapacitate suspects.
4 - The die spits into several parts with sharp jagged edges to shred tires or injure feet.
3 - The die melts into a puddle of slick fluid that is impossible to walk on without slipping.
2 - The die emits billows of smoke to blind opponents.
1 - The die shorts out and becomes inert.

When thrown, the d6 sprouts a length of rope behind it like a tail, the die at the tip giving it weight to act as a grappling hook. This can be used to detain or restrain an opponent, or to grapple onto a nearby object. The number rolled determines how much strain the rope can withstand before breaking.
6 – The rope is completely unbreakable.
5 – The rope can support the weight of a heavy adult human.
4 – The rope can support the weight of an average adult human.
3 – The rope can support the weight of an average human child.
2 – The rope can withstand about 25 lbs of strain.
1 – The rope lasts all of half a second before dissipating, die becomes inert.

The d8 contains healing magic. When dropped at Liz's feet, it will heal her, or she can throw it to someone else to heal them, though the latter tends to roll lower because the dice are insecure with those other than their master. The number determines what is healed and how thoroughly.
8- All wounds and other such malities are healed.
7- The most immediately fatal injury is healed
6 - One severe wound is healed (broken bone, head trauma, severe laceration)
5 - One moderate wound is healed (sprain, small fracture, lacerations less than 3 inches long and not too deep)
4 - Serious illness is healed (mono, chicken pox, etc. Cannot cure cancer or the like, only gives temporary relief to chronic pain)
3 - All minor wounds are healed (small, harmless cuts and bruises, soreness)
2 - Minor illness is cured. (common cold or flu)
1 - Condition persists or worsens. The die becomes inert.

The d10 on its own is explosive. When thrown, the number determines how strong the detonation is.
10 – The explosion is strong enough to destroy a car
8-9 – The explosion is the size of a grenade
6-7 – The explosion is the size of a bottle rocket
4-5 – The explosion is about the size of a cherry bomb
2-3 – The explosion is tiny and harmless, about the equivilent of a bang snap
1 – Dud, the die goes inert.

Liz has two d10s, which she can use individually, or both at once as a d100, which creates a defensive barrier around her in a limited radius. The number determines how big the shield is, what sort of damage it can take before breaking, and how long it lasts if it isn't broken.
100 – The shield has a 10 ft radius around Liz and completely impenetrable. It lasts about an hour.
75-99 – The shield has an 8 ft radius around Liz and can withstand the force of several explosions before breaking. It lasts about twenty minutes.
50-75 – The shield has a 5 ft radius around Liz and can be broken by an average bomb blast. It lasts about ten minutes.
25-50 – The shield is only big enough to protect Liz and can be broken from several gunshots. It lasts about five minutes.
2-25 – The shield is only big enough to protect Liz and can be broken by repeated blows of someone ramming into it. It lasts about five minutes.
1 – The shield instantly shatters, both dice become inert.

The d12 is the primary offense; the number determines the strength at which it hits the target.
12 – The die hits with enough force to break a bone entirely.
11 – The die hits with enough force to leave a moderate fracture.
10 – The die hits with enough force to leave a minor fracture.
9 – The die hits with concussion-level force.
8 – The die hits as though the target was punched as hard as an average human can.
7 – The die hits with enough force to break skin.
6 – The die leaves a painful, long-lasting bruise.
5 - The die leaves a small bruise.
4 – The die leaves a welt.
3 – The die stings slightly on impact.
2 – The die bounces off harmlessly, causing little damage.
1 – The die ricochets back to the wielder and becomes inert.

The d20 is most unpredictable and dangerous of all the dice. Very little is actually known about how it works or what the numbers do, and unlike all the others its results are almost equally good and bad for the wielder. Liz only uses this die as a last resort, fearing the power she feels holding it.

Special power: Once a day, Liz can unleash the full strength of the dice by gently blowing on them. Her breath energizes them in full, unleashing all their power in a single roll, and it always hits exactly as needed. After this roll, the dice are exhausted and must be recharged for 12 hours. Remember: The dice share a consciousness, so even if Liz were to ration the charged dice by rolling them one at a time, their recharge timer doesn't start until the last one is rolled, or until the supercharge wears off, fifteen minutes after being charged.
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