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→ Personal Information ←
→ Name: Saria
→ Age: 23
→ Livejournal: sagesaria
→ E-mail: sagesaria9475@gmail.com
→ IM/Plurk: sagesaria9475/sagesaria
→ Other Characters in Game: N/A

→ Character Information ←
→ Character Name: Iron Liz
→ Canon: Atop the Fourth Wall/The Pen and Paper Corner
→ Canon Point: milliseconds before she is consumed by the Entity

→ Personality: Iron Liz is a cheerful, fun-loving person who describes herself as a maiden of metal with a soft side. She enjoys making, at the very least, acquaintances with new people, is a good listener and is extremely animated when in conversation, with a propensity for bad puns and innuendo. She has a good sense of humor and is easily amused, but that's not to say she's incapable of being serious when she needs to be; quite the contrary. She is no stranger to danger or struggle, and in such times she is fiercely loyal to those she loves, stopping at nothing to help and protect them. However with that loyalty, she also has a tendency to put a lot of pressure on herself; to her, knowing she could have done something and didn't or couldn't is the worst feeling in the world.

Liz is an honest person, sometimes brutally so. Be they about her own troubles or the flaws in someone else's thinking, she will speak up if she has something to say. This is combined well with her genre-savvy nature and her ability to pay attention to her surroundings and notice things that some people don't, and under pressure she is often the calm voice of reason, like Mr. Spock to Captain Kirk. On the other side of the coin, she has a hot temper that will result in aggressively speaking her mind if someone has pissed her off. Sure, she prefers diplomacy if she can manage it, but that has the unfortunate habit of not working where she comes from and she has no qualms with getting verbally and physically defensive if the situation demands it.

Liz has a habit of keeping her hands busy; she talks with them quite freely, often fiddles with something when she's depressed, and loves to play games, especially tabletop RPGs and children's card games (motorcycles optional). Her entire life has been molded by her love of gaming, medieval weaponry and heavy metal. She is hopelessly addicted to Mountain Dew and has a guilty pleasure for Sailor Moon and My Little Pony.

→ History: Liz was just your average tabletop-gaming, sword-collecting metalhead, living an average life with an average family in average Winsconsin. However one summer, her life become far less average; a dimensional rift zapped her out of her universe and into someone else's. It was there, dropped unceremoniously onto a green futon, that she met Linkara, a snarky nerd in a hat who made a living reviewing bad comic books. Unable to figure out where she came from or how to get her back, he helped her get settled into a new place, and though the two of them had their vast differences and found themselves bantering a lot, a strong bond of trust and comradery, and even love, quickly formed between them.

As she found a new place to stay, it was soon apparent that the life she became involved in with Linkara was not a normal one. After some time, he warned her that he had superpowers and frequently had enemies coming after him trying to kill him or take over the world, or some combination of the two. Given that this was the same man who hung out with a dancing ninja and a teenager eerily obsessed with the 90s and had a one-eyed blue robot for a producer, this wasn't too surprising, and Liz assured him that if he ever needed backup, he had her sword on his side.

Inspired, Liz started her own review series of her favorite tabletop games, taking the alias Iron Liz after her favorite band, Iron Maiden. She published a few episodes before her projects had to be put on hold for a while when Linkara's robot buddy Pollo contacted her with a time-delayed message from him. He had gone missing from his home and needed someone to take over his show while Pollo tried to find him. She covered two episodes, under the guidance of Linkara's friend Harvey Finevoice, when Linkara was located and beamed back down from the spaceship that was holding him, along with several creepy robot minions that the gang had to fight off.

As it turned out, Linkara had been kidnapped by someone calling himself Lord Vyce, a universally-feared tyrant bent on conquering all that he sees, and upon his rescue the critic determined it wasn't safe in his parents' house anymore, so he and Liz found an apartment together, where they hoped things would go back to normal. Spoiler alert: they didn't. The threat of Lord Vyce wasn't gone, and in fact intensified as he revived Linkara's arch enemy, the cyborg dubbed Mechakara, who attacked the critics' home repeatedly, first psychologically, and then in person. Liz joined in the fight against him, but was detained by a strange woman who looked exactly like her, only clad in leather and bearing what looked suspiciously like the cursed blade Frostmourne. In the midst of an intense battle, the woman declared that her name was Judas Liz, and Iron Liz only managed to escape the fight when Linkara chased the doppelganger away.

Things settled down for a time, and Liz took the opportunity to go out of town to escape the madness for a while. However, she only came back to more bad news; while she was away, Lord Vyce had finally made an appearance on earth and attacked Linkara, nearly killing him. She did her best to try to coax the traumatised Linkara out of his heroic BSoD, hoping to cheer him up with the best thing she could think of; a bad Care Bears comic. After deciding to review it, he finally found a solution to the Vyce problem and called the tyrant out. Arming himself and Liz to the teeth with guns and morphers, the two of them and everybody else Linkara could deem an ally joined forces to put an end to Vyce's reign. It was then that Liz discovered she had some superpowers of her own, thanks to Linkara's morpher. But even with all that, they could only wound the tyrant just enough to take him out of the fight, but not kill him. They exiled him to a deserted dimension, and Linkara proceeded to claim his spaceship for himself, and things returned once again to normal.

Or so they thought. While Iron Liz returned to her work, the thought of that woman, Judas Liz, still haunted the back of her mind and she continued to ponder her origins, and worry what would happen should she return. On top of that, Linkara began programming an artificial intelligence for his new spaceship comendeered from Lord Vyce, and attempting to connect it during an ion storm sent Liz on a perilous adventure in a mirror universe, in which Linkara was plotting to conquer the world. But worse than seeing the critic in a goatee and a tacky gold vest, there was suddenly a subtle eerieness in the apartment. There seemed to be something...off...about the 90s Kid, and gradually over many months, Linkara's friends seemed to be disappearing. It wasn't until more than half a year later when Linkara finally took note of it; Lord Vyce had fortold of a "glitch" that he sensed in his home universe; an Entity not natural to the world that was slowly consuming the entire multiverse. And it was now on their earth.

By then, though, it was essentially too late. A large percentage of the population was already gone, and with its presense now known, this Entity's assault was more fierce than ever, finally completely surrounding Linkara and Liz as they were the last two people left on the entire planet. As they armed themselves and attempted to prepare for the worst, Liz noticed a strange glitch out of the corner of her eye, down the hallway. But as she moved closer to investigate, all she found was the Entity, who then proceeded to absorb her into its being, erasing her from existance.

→ Abilities: Iron Liz is a skilled swordswoman, best at duel-wielding two thin, magic-forged swords named Twinkle and Icingdeath, and has extensive knowledge of medieval weaponry and armor. She is nimble and agile, and with the power of an old Power Rangers morpher, she gains a suit of armor, additional strength, and the ability to shoot energy balls from her swords. She is also capable with a phaser in a pinch. Outside of combat, Liz is fairly good at math, especially calculating odds and percentages, she can hold her liquor, and she does a mean impression of Tommy Wiseu.

→ Strengths: loyal, observant, caring, persistent, calm under pressure, won't back down from a fight, optimistic
→ Weaknesses: has a short temper, vain, competitive, hard on herself, doesn't like children, terrified of the movie Gooby

→ First Person Sample: [The camera flickers on, shaking a little as it's fiddled with for a moment. It settles on a blank wall, propped up on something, and Liz steps backwards into frame, plopping heavily into a chair behind her. She looks very tired and irritable. Her tone when she starts to speak is cross and sarcastic.]

Captain's log star date...um...Tuesday.

Ok, that's not gonna work. [She waves her hand.] Look, never mind, I've got somethin' to say.

Alright, so these doctors say I'm crazy and that everything I've ever known was a lie and I'm supposed to live my life out here to get better and all that crap. You know, as much as that sucks, I'll play along. But honestly, if I'm gonna be stuck here, is it really too much to ask for some decent freaking games? Honestly, I've been to every store I could find today and there's nothing. Would it kill somebody to at least have some Magic cards? Yu-Gi-Oh? Hell, I'd settle for the Inu Yasha card game!

Just. Ugh. [She massages her temple. She's just not been having a good day overall.] I guess at least I still have time to read, and at least I can say that without jinxing myself since I don't wear glasses. Can't say I've heard of at least half of these books though. [She holds up a big handful of books she borrowed from the library.] But maybe I'm just old school like that.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm really not sure where I'm going with this. I just...I guess I'm just trying to get used to this. Not like I have a choice in the matter, really. I dunno what to do with myself...

[She shakes her head; clearly this whole thing has petered out so she just stands up and goes to turn off the camera.]

→ Third Person Sample: It was six in the morning, mid March, on a Sunday. The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon, its color rippling across the ocean. The beach was empty and silent, save for the crashing waves and the rush of light wind. And it was fucking cold. But Liz preferred it cold right now anyway, even as she dug her hands deeper into the pockets of her coat and scooted further back on the hood of the car, still warm from the drive. It reminded her of the frigid mornings in Minnesota. Only with a lot less snow, perhaps.

She closed her eyes, leaning against the windshield behind her. Wind whipped through her hair, cutting through her jacket. For all the things she'd done in her life, from fighting cloaked robots keeping her boyfriend hostage to reading the players' handbook for FATAL, she'd have to say that driving out to the beach in the freezing cold and sitting on the hood of a Honda to watch the sunrise was probably one of the crazier ideas she'd had.

Assuming of course she'd even done those things, if those doctors were to be believed.

How anyone was expected to swallow what they said was beyond her. Granted, the idea of living in another dimension with a man with superpowers thanks to his obsession with Power Rangers would sound pretty far-fetched to an outsider. But she refused to believe that it was all just a dream or illusion or whatever the hell they were calling it. Even if it was, she was pretty sure her parents would be somewhere to be found. She'd heard of dreams spreading over a long length of time before, but her entire life?

Something wasn't right about all this, and she didn't like it. And yet it wasn't like there was much she could do about it right now. She was in the middle of a city she'd never heard of with no way home, no weapons, no magic...and no Linkara. God how she hoped he was alright. If the Entity...

She stopped herself, shaking her head. No. She didn't come here to think about that. She came here to get away from it for a while. She stared out at the ocean again, curling up to warm herself. She was smart, she was tough, she'd find a way out of here somehow. But not right now. Right now, she just needed the quiet calm of the beach.


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