Jun. 2nd, 2037

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Ok so! For those of you not familiar with the canon, Iron Liz is an internet critic who reviews tabletop RPGs and is generally a funny gal. What do you need to know? Well long story short, she is more or less from the real world - as real as a world where interdimensional travel and magic are common can be anyway - and thus she is genre-savvy and pretty much every character that is likely to show up at Kon Ran is fictional to her. Some of her most beloved favorite canons include Sailor Moon (dubbed anime), Star Wars, the Simpsons and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is also an ally and lover of the comic book critic Linkara, so she's likely to have a lot of secondhand knowledge about comic book heroes (though she tends to tune that stuff out because if you lived with Linkara, you would too :P)

Now, she's not likely to directly break the fourth wall and announce that you guys are all fictional; she has a lot of respect for the fourth wall. However, she is likely to recognize a lot of you, and I will take time to consider what other canons she would know really intimately and what she might've just seen at a glance.

IN THE MEANTIME, at the mods' request and because it's a Good Idea, I'd like to ask you guys just how much I can play around with the fourth wall with your characters. Again, she won't say they're fictional and probably won't even say out loud that she recognizes them, but let me know if you're not even comfortable with her recognizing somebody of yours. AND if it's okay for her to know who somebody is, how much about them and their canon are you okay with her knowing?


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