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From Liz:
Linkara: An issue of Blue Beetle or Teen Titans or some other really good comic that he somehow happens to not have.
Kaldur and Isa: A coupon good for one whole day pun-free (yes, just one. She can only restrain herself so much XD)
Falco: A model arwing. Don't ask how she even knows what one is; she probably just assumed he'd like it 'cause he's a pilot and stuff.
All the bots: A small box of RAM chips. Don't eat them all in one place, now.
Servo: A copy of the Dungeonmaster's guide, as long as he promises to read it thoroughly
Sora: Rock'em Sock'em Robots. idek, it was Lu's idea XD
Riku: a good quality hairbrush
Mike: An encyclopedia. I don't even remember what episode it was in which his encyclopedias were out of date, but there we go.
Aqua: some obscure but decent fantasy novel
Terra: a pair of sweatpants
Phineas: a travel-sized tool set
Pinkie Pie: A cookbook of fancy pastries
Dr. Insano: A boot to the head :P
Makubex: A tape of the Hitchhiker's Guide audio drama (idk, that's like the one thing I remember them talking about so XD)
Rarity: some beautiful rare silk
Harvey: a box set of General Hospital DVDs
Minako: A nice dress made by Rarity
Harry: Aspirin. He always seems like he needs it.
Frank: a puppy from the nature deck

From 90s Kid
Pinkie Pie: pop rocks and coca cola. belching contests are go?
Minako: flowers from the nature deck
Harvey: A kareoke machine. ...don't ask where he found it.
Linkara: ...lolol


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